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Neurotic Text: Ugly Pop Hardcore Vinyl, 1998 - 2006

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ugly Pop Hardcore Vinyl, 1998 - 2006

I used to do a punk rock record label that released nearly 20 records over the last few years (all vinyl, all the time!) and since I've been asked this stuff so often, I decided to sit down and write up a proper discography of our releases. The punchline-- I've taken the label off hiatus and will soon be consistently releasing punk vinyl once again on Ugly Pop, so take this as the story up until today, but not the definitive history.

UP001 V/A "Reproach: Eight Modern Hardcore Bands Cover Negative Approach" EP

(w/ DROP DEAD, SPAZZ, RUPTURE, CHOKEHOLD, MAN IS THE BASTARD, VOORHEES, UNION OF URANUS and KOPS FOR CHRIST) First pressing November 1998, 3000 copies with black and white labels, first 500 on grey marble vinyl. Second pressing around January 1999, 1800 copies with yellow labels. Insert. Approximately 6 test pressings.

Salvaged from the wreckage of a projected LP that should've come out on Dysgusher circa 1993, this record isn't good, but Brannon liked it, so I'm happy, and selling nearly 5000 of your first release is a hell of a way to start a new label.

UP002 LEGION "Hell at Last" EP

1000 copies, June 1999. Approximately 6 test pressings.

I'm still pretty embarrassed by this record's idiotic label artwork; taking it into the plant was a real treat.

UP003 MARILYNS VITAMINS "Meanwhile During the Class War" EP

First press June 1999, 600 copies. Repress of 500 copies, November 1999. Approximately 6 test pressings.

Great record from an excellent band with the worst name in the world.

UP004 RAJOITUS "Systeemiin Naulittu" EP

1000 copies, November 1999. Possible repress of 300, late 2006? Approximately 6 test pressings.

Later included on the band's discography CD on Hardcore Holocaust, but I really should press 300 more to fill the remaining sleeves, because it's a great little slab of pure '83 Finnish hardcore (via Sweden 1998).


1900 copies, April 2000. Approximately 10 test pressings.

Along with the Legion EP, this is is probably the fursthest we ever ventured from our purist hardcore punk focus, but it's still a good little record that sold well.

UP006 DREAM DATES "Moans on the phone" 45

600 numbered copies, December 2000. No test pressings.

This is honestly one of the best Canadian punk singles of all time, and it's incredible that it took over twenty years to see the light of day; we had no idea how it would go down, so pressed only 600 copies. Later licensed to Zurich Chainsaw Massacre, who proceeded to put both Dream Dates 45s on a 12" and have yet to send us any of the copies they owe us.

UP007 RAW POWER "Screams from the Gutter" LP

First pressing 1000 copies, February 2001, with insert and black/white labels. First 300 on clear splatter vinyl. Second pressing of 500 with red labels, replaces insert with printed inner sleeve, late 2001. Third pressing of 500 circa early 2004. Possible repress of 500, late 2006? Approximately 6 test pressings.

Our first LP, and a killer at that. Probably the best Italian hardcore LP ever, and a seminal crossover record by any standard. Totally different artwork to the Toxic Shock pressing, which sold around 40 000 copies in the '80s. It's true-- sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

UP008 STATICS "Original 1980 Punk Rock Recordings" EP

800 numbered copies, April 2001. No test pressings.

A really great, strong little punk single that deserved far more attention than it ever got.

UP009 PAINTBOX "Singing, Shouting, Crying" LP

First pressing of 1600 copies, April 2001. First 300 on white splatter vinyl. Repress of approximately 500 circa early 2004. Approximately 6 test pressings. This record never included an insert.

When all is said and done, people will very possibly say this Japanese hardcore monster was the best record we ever released.

UP010 DFA "Destined For Assimilation" 12"

First pressing of 600 copies, January 2002. First 300 or so on various shades of purple and blue, since we went to the pressing plant and added the colour pellets while pressing! Repress of 500 circa July 2002. Printed insert. No test pressings.

This was a straight vinyl pressing of the demo this Saskatchewan band sent us out of the blue.

UP011 DREAM DATES "The Mess You're In" 45

800 copies, March 2004. Seven test presses, mistakenly pressed on red. All regular copies on black.

Vinyl actually pressed in early 2003, but released when jackets printed.


100 test pressings with initial recording pressed for European tour, September 2003. Four used as test pressings, 96 stamped and given sleeves for tour. After rerecording and new mix, first pressing of 312 copies released November 2003. 500 more pressed a couple of weeks later, and third press of 300 around January 2004. Printed inner sleeve.

All regular pressings completely identical. Later repressed on 140 G vinyl with embossed jacket by Parts Unknown.

UP013 HAMMER "More Hammer" EP

1000 copies, March 2004. Insert.

Vinyl pressed mid 2003, held pending jackets.

UP014 WARHEAD "Kono Omoi Wo Dokoe" LP

First pressing of 1400, April 2004. First 111 copies on a beautiful blue/white marble swirl vinyl. Repress of approximately 500, July 2005, last 40 or so did not include printed inner sleeve. First set of approximately 12 test pressings, second set of same size from remaster.

After we traveled literally across Japan tracking down Guy Bloodsucker in Hiroshima to make this happen, it became a nightmare project plagued by rejected test pressings, broken plates, 2000 unusable LP jackets, wrong paper for inner sleeves, labels on wrong sides and missing text on sleeves. Our first and last Acme Records job.

UP015 FORWARD "Fucked Up" 12"

First pressing 500 on red vinyl May 2004, rushed out for summer 2004 US tour. Remastered for second press of 500 on black vinyl, circa July 2004. First set of approximately 12 test pressings, second set of same size from remaster. Printed inner sleeve.

Jacket has a file-transfer error from original CD cover, but we couldn't really care less.

UP016 HONG KONG BLONDE "Split Finger Fastball" EP

600 copies pressed, August 2004. First 100 on green marble vinyl.

Great Vancouver metal/thrash; some junkie recently stole the last remaining 40 from their car.

UP017 CCSS "Commun Chfeu Sa Soupe" EP

600 copies pressed, April 2005.

Ugly Pop essentially ended as this record was being released, meaning that both it and UP016 were never repressed (since our new pressing plant doesn't hold onto plates as MMS, which had done all previous 7"s, did). Both should've had represses of 400 more copies, and the jackets were printed.

UP019 TRANZMITORS "Look What You're Doing" 45

First pressing of 300, March 2006. Identical second pressing of 300, May 2006. Probable repress of 400 to fill sleeves, summer 2006.

This was originally meant to be the debut release on Cat Call Records, with the Ugly Pop catalogue number intended simply to facilitate distribution.

The future: Ugly Pop is back from the dead. Hopefully, a Teenage Rejects EP, as well as singles from local faves Fuck Me Dead and Vancougar. Also, represses of some still-in-demand earlier titles for which plates are available and unused print is still in stock.


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