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Neurotic Text: Bearded vegans and punk: mutually exclusive since 1975.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bearded vegans and punk: mutually exclusive since 1975.

Went to see Imperial Leather the other night, and I never did end up seeing these Swedes deliver what was no doubt a perfectly good set of retro punk rock, because I simply couldn't last through the opening band, a dreadful North Carolina "Crimethinc"/trustfund act called Requiem. Seriously some of the worst shit ever from these hippies; the tepid, overwrought drudgery of their "epic crust" (no, NOT FUCKING PUNK) music, the sheer grossness of their filthy clothing, beards and dreadlocks, the pathetic, unexamined idiocy of their fantasy pseudo-politics.
"Steal what you want, burn the rest" read the banner they hung behind themselves, and I couldn't help but think just how wholeheartedly their current administration has embraced that philosophy this century, from Iraq abroad to the whole mechanism of progressive and forward-looking social policy at home. I guess that basic impulse transcends simple ideology where Americans raised with the same underlying sense of entitlement umarried to any concept of responsibility are concerned.


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